Dearfield Partners, LLC

International Project Development and Management

Aviation Consulting

Dearfield Partners has extensive experience advising airlines on business plans, route plans, fleet plans and financing. Our partners have over 30 years of airline and aircraft management and consulting experience.  Some of us have served as Chief Execuvite Officers of Startup Airlines, Low Cost Airlines and National Carriers and as chief planners or fleet managers for some of the larest airlines in the world.

We have also worked on airlines in various parts for the world including the US, Europe, Russia, Asia and Latin American and are extremely familiar with international opportunities and challenges.

Please contact us about the following issues or opportinuies on a glabal basis:

- Developing a business plan of a start up airline.
- Developing an expansion plan for an existing airline.
- Route planning and geographic expansion
- Fleet planning and restructuring
- Aircraft selection and lease negotiations
- Restructuring and turnaround management
- Interim management 

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