Dearfield Partners, LLC

International Project Development and Management


Dearfield Partners manages, sponsors and develops energy, agriculture, aquaculture, industrial and transportation projects.


Dearfield Partners principals bring extensive international project management experience to their clients and have over 30 years each of professional experience in planning and strategic planning, project development, project management and implementation.  Both have worked as Chief Executive Officers of operating businesses and have hands-on experience.


Dearfield Partners works to frame the project and plan the steps carefully to ensure a proper start has been given and a coherent plan is developed.  The partners use their world-wide network of contacts to bring the best possible resources to a project to ensure timely and high quality execution.


As consultants, Dearfield Partners provides unbiased advice to their clients regarding the best resources, vendors and business arrangements under the circumstances.  The Company has a reputation for integrity and professionalism.


Dearfield Partners seeks to ensure that local economies benefit from its operations, by working with rural farmers, partnering with local businesses, hiring local employees, and creating environmentally beneficial and sustainable projects. We have a strong commitment to improving the working conditions and welfare of the local workers.


The principals of the Company have many years of business experience ranging from Fortune 500 companies to new company start-ups. 





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